Why so much conventional wisdom in email marketing is wrong

Published 17 th April 2020

Why so much conventional wisdom in email marketing is wrong

Conventional Wisdom is ‘a generally accepted view or belief’. Email marketing is full of them – I only have to open my LinkedIn feed to see someone repeating the same generic best practice as dozens of others.

In what is now a mature medium (email for marketing started properly just before the turn of the millennium), very little has changed in what is considered best practice.
This best practice has now become conventional wisdom. This is hard to challenge when it’s so ingrained in common beliefs of marketers. If everybody else is doing it why would you do something different? But so much of it is utter nonsense and rarely questioned.

So, over the coming weeks I’m going to be challenging the conventional wisdom in email marketing that I just don’t recognise as being best practice I have ever found to be useful or true.

Topics we will cover include measuring email marketing, sending frequency, ESP selection and mobile email. But today we will start with subject line testing.

Hopefully this helps readers start to question the knowledge they have absorbed over time and take the opportunity to look at their approach in a fresh light.

Our first take on conventional wisdoms is going to be subject line testing